Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Stander - Then and Now

We finally got to bring the stander home!!!  Woohoo!!!  This is a very big deal!  We were hoping that Ian would be able to be in the stander shortly after his hamstring lengthening surgery on Sept. 6, but it's been slow going!  I won't go into all the details but suffice it to say that it's been a lot of work and we have a lot more work to do.  However, it's here and we are persevering.  Here is a picture of little Ian in Jamaica in his stander several years ago and ....
 here he is today!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas - Part 3

On New Year's Eve day, we headed to Mimi and Pa's in Danville for another celebration!
 Lucas with great grandmother, Mamma
 Ian opening some much needed bibs.  We go through a lot!
 Rudolph houseslippers
 Brenna's new purse
 Custom made apron for the Grill Master
 Brenna helping Mimi and Pa open gifts
 This Santa in the chimney was full of gifts for everyone!
 Tearing poor Santa apart
 Brenna got a new suitcase and headed out the door!
 Something exciting is in this package!!!!
 A new crane!
Felicia wants in on the action!

We feel very blessed  to have been able to celebrate the birth of our Savior with so many family members.  We would not have made it through this past year without the love and support of each of you.  
Merry Christmas (a bit late) and blessings for the New Year!

Christmas - Part 2

We came home from KY lake on Christmas Eve (nonstop trip due to car problems on the front end and Tom's commitment to speak at our church's Christmas Eve service) and had Christmas with the boys on Christmas morning.
Unpacking the stockings...

 Lucas' stocking...
 Ian is excited about a flashlight in his stocking
 Getting a hug from Dad after giving him the gift Lucas picked out just for him
Jeremy helping Ian to open the gift he picked out
 Foreman Lucas got right to work
 and Jeremy got a poem.  Hmmmmm.
 Ian opening the car carrier
 Lucas used the new tools to open his gifts
 And Jeremy got another poem.  Hmmmm.
 Lucas loved the marble run
 And Jeremy got another poem and.....a gallon of milk???????
 Ian went crazy when he opened the remote control 4-wheeler!
 And another gift for Lucas
And after yet another poem, Jeremy finally gets......
 the Nintendo DS he's been wanting for as long as we've known him!
Later that day, Mom-mom and Dad-dad came for a visit.

Brenna helped them pass out their gifts

 Felicia loves her uncles
Felicia getting a ride on Uncle Ian's lap

Christmas with 3 rowdy boys was fun and crazy and at this point was not over yet!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas - Part 1

The boys are back in school so I finally have some time to upload the Christmas pictures.  Troy only had the weekend before Christmas off and that wasn't enough time for them to make the trip to Indiana so we rented a house on KY lake and we all congregated there.  It was so much fun having everyone together!

This is a corner of the house and the view of the lake.  The house sits on a point that juts out into the lake and is built to take advantage of beautiful views from all windows.
We got there on Friday night after stopping for groceries and didn't waste time.  Saturday morning was our Christmas day! 

The boys opening the Wii Wipeout game which they love!
Brenna was so good to help her little sister open gifts. :-)
Brenna with Momma's new scarf
Olivia opening her princess dress up clothes
Felicia getting to open a gift by herself (the paper was much more fun than any gift!)
Princess Olivia
The boys opening the table top bowling alley which they also love!
Brenna with her new tricycle
Giving her sister a ride
Jeremy got his exercise while pulling Olivia and Brenna around on the hardwood floors
Jeremy is finally taller than big brother
Took the boys for a walk so the little girls could take naps in peace (not that our boys are rowdy or anything!)
Meeting some dogs along the way and trying to figure out how to take them home
 Handsome boy
Taking time out from jumping on the bed for a photo shoot

 Kissing cousins
 Watching Curious George before bedtime
 I have no explanation for why Drew is covered with shoes
 Sword fighting on the Wii - she's deadly!
 "Waking" Pops up
 Happy girl
 Pops and O having a snack
 Craft time

 The weather was so nice so we headed out for a family walk

 Lindsay and Lucas searching for fish skeletons
Heading to the dock
The dock at the house
Ian loved being near the water
 Worn out after the long walk
 More Curious George
Brenna holding Ian's hand while watching TV
We were so blessed to have this time together as a family!