Monday, February 28, 2011

Hats....Yes, there are more!

Hats from last week......
 Our Russian czar
 Some kind of ball that has been altered to become a hat and wouldn't stay above his eyes
 A cow, complete with cow bells dangling
 and the elephant
Several people have asked if Ian keeps all of these hats and I need to clarify that no, he wears them back the next day and loves showing them off to the morning bus drivers.  (This morning, he was bouncing around and making elephant noises - Ian style-for the ladies on the bus.)  Mr. Pinto is known for his silly hats and it's become such a fun game with him and Ian. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun with Mom-mom and Dad-dad

We picked Ian up from school on Thursday and headed to Memphis, via Falls of Rough, KY (home of Mom-mom and Dad-dad).  They decided he needed a Kentucky Wildcats shirt and of course, his dad heartily agreed!  Tom set Ian in their Suburban while he was loading our van and Ian was sure that he was going to drive it to Memphis with Mom-mom beside him and Dad-dad in the back seat. 

Ian's KY shirt and Mom-mom's Grace College shirt (grandson Michael plays basketball and tennis at Grace)
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Bath time and Play time

Olivia has always loved her bath and would stay there until she was shriveled up if her parents would let her.

This is what she does when she sees the camera!
Playing with Pops
Interested in the glasses
Crawling over Ian (which he loves!)
More fun with the grandpa!
Cutie Pie!
Mommy's monkey
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Memphis Zoo

Saturday was a beautiful day (sunny and in the upper 60's) so we all headed to the zoo when Troy got home (after working at the hospital for 30-some hours). Who would have thought that Memhis would have such a great zoo?!
 Ian pointing at the tigers (see below)

 Ian really wanted to drive Olivia's stroller!

 Cutest monkey at the zoo - or any zoo, for that matter!
 This oranguatan was sporting a very lovely cape
 Both Ian and Olivia were fascinated by the waterfall and didn't care to look at the camera!
Ian was worn out after the big day and Gus was keeping him company.
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Sunday in the Park

After church on Sunday and a delicious Memphis barbeque lunch (where Ian and Olivia gave the adults a run for their money in the eating department), we headed to a park that is near Lindsay and Troy's house.  It was a warm, sunny 77 degrees and felt wonderful!!!!
 Dad and Ian going down the slide
 Miss Olivia loves the swing!
 Mom and Ian
 Olivia and Grammy
 Olivia loves watching herself on a video.
 Tired girl eating her supper
 All cleaned up and revived after her bath
 Playing with Daddy and Phoebe
 Sweet, happy girl!
Good night!  We love you, Olivia (and Troy and Lindsay) and will see you soon!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

To all of my adoring fans.....

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
I love you all!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Smiley Face

Two smiling faces got off the bus yesterday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheeseburger Head

Yesterday, Ian got off the bus, sporting a cheeseburger on his head and thinking it was hilarious.  Interestingly, his principal tried to give him a turkey hat and he flat out refused it - kept throwing it on the ground.  I guess he doesn't want to be a turkey!  But, a cheeseburger - now, that's altogether different!

And.....this would be the day that Brenna's Grammy gave her a nasty cold!  Needless to say, Grammy feels way worse that she shared it with Brenna than she felt with the cold.  Praying you feel better soon, Brenna!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Date

34 years ago today, I went out with the best looking guy on Purdue's campus and I was only a lowly high school junior.  We went to a Danville basketball game (his brother was playing) and he wore gray pants with a quiana (remember that??) shirt and had a big comb handle sticking out of his back pocket.  After the game, we went to Pizza Hut and talked for hours.  34 years!  He's still the best looking guy anywhere and the best father and husband in the world!!! 
This picture is 2-1/2 years later when we got engaged.