Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Filling Out

All during the past year, folks would mention to us that Ian looks like he is filling out.  It's hard for us to see since we are with him all the time, but we do realize it when we lift him.  A year ago, at his first trip to the Riley CP clinic, he weighed 48 lbs and we were thrilled because that was up from where he was when we brought him home in Sept.  Well.......I took him to get Botox injections yesterday and they had to weigh him so they could figure the exact dosage.  74.5 lbs!!!!  Yes, he's filling out and growing up!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgivng!

I had a meaninful Thanksgiving post written in my head but alas, it never made it to the computer keyboard so I'll save it for another time.  In the meantime, we wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering the many blessings God has so graciously bestowed upon us, most importantly His Son!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brenna Noelle

Brenna is growing and changing daily so it's time for an update.  She is 5 weeks old and weighs over 9 lbs and is starting to "talk" and smile, although not usually when I have a camera stuck in her face.  Everyone has told us for years that grandchildren are the greatest blessing and boy, were they right!  What a joy!!!!

 This one was about a week ago.

 Hanging out with Uncle Ian

 Mesmerized by the swing
 Trying to stay awake and talk to Papa Grande
 Grammy is always trying to get me to smile!
Yay!  A smile for the camera!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grandparents Day

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at Ian's school.  Because it was the day after Veteran's Day, they celebrated both at the same time.  As we stood to say the pledge and sing our national anthem, I was struck by so many firsts for Ian.  First, Ian has 4 grandparents and a even a great grandmother which is something that has been missing from his life until God brought him into our family.  Second, this is the first opportunity for him to be involved in any kind of school performance and of course, he ate it up.  Third, during the last year, Ian not only has become part of a new family, school, church, culture, etc, but he also has a new country.  We intend to be sure he always knows and appreciates his Jamaican heritage, but the fact is that he is an American! 
Tom's parents weren't able to make the trip and my mom was out of town, so my dad (Pa) and grandmother (Mamma) came to celebrate with us.  Mamma even won the "oldest grandparent" award and when she said that she was Ian Humphrey's great grandmother, all the kids cheered and Ian was so excited!
I have a great video of Ian trying to do the motions to a song with the kids, but I've tried for 4 days to get it to download and am finally giving up.  So, I hope you enjoy the pictures instead...

 Before the program began
 Saying the pledge to the American flag with his hand over his heart
 Honoring those who have served our country.  That's my dad in the center who served in the Air Force  before and during the Vietnam War.
 Hunter taking care of Ian during the program by dabbing the drool that he can't control.  Precious!

Mamma, Ian and Pa - thanks for coming and for taking us to lunch, too!  We love and appreciate you both!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Generations X 2

While Lindsay and Olivia were in Indiana to meet Brenna, we were able to get some 5 generation pictures.  What a blessing!

 Lindsay, Mamma, Daddy (aka Pa), me and Olivia

 This time with new daddy, Drew and baby Brenna

We also took the opportunity to take a "4 generations of ladies" picture with my mom.
So thankful for God's provision of and plan for families!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Much to Celebrate!

In the 11 days between October 15 and October 26, we celebrated the birth of our beautiful grandaughter, Brenna Noelle, our 30th anniversary and Ian's birthday.  We were blessed to have Lindsay and Olivia here for a week and Tom's parents for a few days.  So, needless to say, it was a busy and absolutely wonderful time!!!  The following pictures are from those 11 days and I couldn't even get them all on, so stay tuned for more posts in the next day or 2.  (If some of the pictures look familiar, it's because Lindsay stole my pictures to use on her blog!)

 Brenna at 4 days old
 Olivia in the duck tub - she LOVED it!
 Trying to keep her eyes open while Papa Grande gives her a bottle
 Olivia and Papa Grande
 Ian loves Olivia's toys that light up and make noise
 Uncle Ian's hair feels funny!
 The first several days that I managed to find excuses to stop by and see Brenna, this is what I found.  I didn't see her eyes for a week!
 Olivia, modeling her new hat
 Two of our beautiful girls!
 Grammy and Olivia
 Brenna at one week - there are those pretty eyes!!!
 Papa Grande does a pretty good job
 Drew zooming Ian around like a plane
 Proud and very happy grandparents
 Drew, Elizabeth and Brenna
 Aunt Lindsay and Brenna
 Dad-dad and Mom-mom with Ian
 I found the secret to seeing Brenna awake - go at night!  :-)  She was wide awake!
2-1/2 weeks
Words can't even describe how blessed Tom and I feel and how very grateful we are for the family that God has given us!!!!  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Break

Ian was on fall break last Friday and yesterday, so Tom took both days off and we had a great time!  On Friday morning, we headed to Indy where we had professional photographs taken of Ian and all 3 of us.  (I've been meaning to do that for a year now.)  On Sunday afternoon, we headed to Merrillville for the sole purpose of staying in a hotel that had an indoor, heated pool.  The hotel was great and the pool was certainly indoors but I'm not sure how heated it was.  Tom and I froze to death and Ian's lips and tongue were blue, but was he ready to get out???   Noooooooo!  We endured it for as long as we could on 2 different occasions and then, convinced him to get in the hot tub, where he literally melted.  :-)

 The pictures can't do justice to the squeals (actually, shrieks) of excitement!  This kid loves the water!

 He is constantly trying to put his face in the water which makes us crazy, due to his aspiration issues!

 Mellowing out in the hot tub


Fall break is over much too quickly and Ian was NOT ready!  He did not want to get up this morning and did not like it that Dad wasn't here when he got up.  However, he was excited to get out the winter coat and wear his new hat.  Simple joys!