Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grandparents Day

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at Ian's school.  Because it was the day after Veteran's Day, they celebrated both at the same time.  As we stood to say the pledge and sing our national anthem, I was struck by so many firsts for Ian.  First, Ian has 4 grandparents and a even a great grandmother which is something that has been missing from his life until God brought him into our family.  Second, this is the first opportunity for him to be involved in any kind of school performance and of course, he ate it up.  Third, during the last year, Ian not only has become part of a new family, school, church, culture, etc, but he also has a new country.  We intend to be sure he always knows and appreciates his Jamaican heritage, but the fact is that he is an American! 
Tom's parents weren't able to make the trip and my mom was out of town, so my dad (Pa) and grandmother (Mamma) came to celebrate with us.  Mamma even won the "oldest grandparent" award and when she said that she was Ian Humphrey's great grandmother, all the kids cheered and Ian was so excited!
I have a great video of Ian trying to do the motions to a song with the kids, but I've tried for 4 days to get it to download and am finally giving up.  So, I hope you enjoy the pictures instead...

 Before the program began
 Saying the pledge to the American flag with his hand over his heart
 Honoring those who have served our country.  That's my dad in the center who served in the Air Force  before and during the Vietnam War.
 Hunter taking care of Ian during the program by dabbing the drool that he can't control.  Precious!

Mamma, Ian and Pa - thanks for coming and for taking us to lunch, too!  We love and appreciate you both!


  1. Hunter sure made my heart smile! You can tell Ian has many friends that adore him!

  2. I'm in tears, so touched by Hunter's help and heart. Praying that I would be that sensitive and ready to serve in the middle of my busy days. Oh, we could learn a lot from our children! What exciting memories for Ian!!