Monday, November 25, 2013


This past weekend, Grammy and Pops headed to Memphis to attend Ethan's dedication at their church, thanks to 3 sets of sitters who stayed with the boys!!  What a joy to join with the other grandparents and friends to promise to support Troy and Lindsay as they raise Ethan and Olivia to love God and love people.

 Saturday morning was a special time of music, prayer and a challenge from their pastor.
 We love the Highpoint "motto".....Love Works!
 Yummy snacks and a Bible for the families
 Olivia posing for a picture
 The handsome guest of honor
On the big screen
 Grandma and Grandpa Roberson with the kiddos
 Henry and PG, Olivia and Ethan's Memphis "grandparents."  We are so thankful for this wonderful couple who love on our kids when we can't be there to do it in person.
 Roberson fam
 This kid is so stinkin'. cute.
 After the Saturday event, we got to have some quality play time with the princess

 and the prince, too (after a nap!)

 LOVE these babies!!

Saying goodbye

Sunday, November 10, 2013

First Grade Teachers

How many of you remember your 1st grade teacher?  I do!  And, I can pretty much guarantee that Lucas will always remember his.  Mrs. Storms was a blessing last year and became a wonderful friend in the process.  She invited Lucas to go for a walk in her woods yesterday and he was thrilled!

 Not only does she have an awesome woods with paths that she's cleared but a great dog, named Sadie.
 Lucas was in heaven!
 And a kitty, too!
 Discussing the hedge apples
 Friends for life!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grandparents Day

Despite some potentially restricting circumstances, my parents were able to come to Grandparents Day at Lucas' school.  He was thrilled!  The program was great and Lucas did a good job singing, in spite of the anxiety that plagues him.

Thank you for coming, Mimi and Pa!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Heart over Head

We did a crazy thing this past weekend.  The wonderful children's home where Ian lived from 18 months until God led us to him (at age 9) held an anniversary celebration in the twin cities of MN on Saturday night.  We knew there would be several children who have been adopted from there, as well as former directors and even one of the care givers from the nest!  So, we loaded up all the boys and headed north.  After getting stuck in Chicago on Friday afternoon and making a wrong turn, we finally made it there around midnight.  The boys slept in a little (very little) and we headed to the pool after breakfast.

 Shark Ian going after Jeremy
 Lucas had some homework to complete but finally made it in the water
 Chillin' (and I mean that literally!  The water was chilly so mom chose the hot tub instead!)
 An added bonus of the trip was that we finally got to meet Mae, our great-niece!  Oh, and see her mommy and daddy, too.
 Mae is thinking "Who is this crazy lady that is in my face?"
 Luke, Laura and Mae
 Ian reunited with friends; Noah, Peter and Dean
 Nurse Gordon has been at Robin's Nest for 12 years and joined us for the celebration!  She started rubbing Ian's head and face and he just melted!  It was so, so good to see her!! She and several other dear folks are the reason that Ian was so well cared for and loved in his first years of life!

 It only takes ONE!  This dear lady sold everything she had and moved to Jamaica 15 years ago to start a children's home.  She agreed to take Ian when his birth mom brought him there and she loved him, cared for him and advocated for him.  I think she knew immediately that God meant him for us.  After a few hours visiting Robin's Nest the first time, I was bawling like a baby when it was time to leave and she asked, "Do you want to adopt Ian???"  Yes, I think we DO!!!!
 All the Robin's Nest kids who were there Saturday night, along with Nurse Gordon

 It was a crazy, long trip and we're all pretty exhausted (thus, the title - Heart over Head....if we used our heads, we might not have gone) but it was worth it!  It's so wonderful to see Ian with children that have known him for years and to thank the people who serve and support such a wonderful ministry.  Tom and I will forever be grateful for so many people (most of whom we will never know) who built into Ian's life in so many ways during the 9 years before we brought him home!