Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp WACK rocks!!!!

We have been hearing about Camp WACK since we brought Ian home and couldn't imagine that he would  actually be able to "water ski" but he did it!  Yesterday was his day to attend and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  This program is amazing!!!  Check it out at  There were many volunteers who give of their time, talents, boats, gas, food, etc, etc to make memories for some special kids!  Tom and I were overwhelmed that so many people would donate and sacrifice so much for Ian and the other children.  I don't think we can imagine the freedom that these kids feel as they zip along the water independently.  Ian wasn't quite sure at first, but as soon as he was put into the water, he was ready to go!  (I think he's part fish.)  Not only do they provide the kids with as many rides as they can get in, but they had a fantastic lunch and many awesome on-shore activities for the siblings.  Besides the water skiing, there were fire trucks and an ambulance for them to look into and even get in.  And, to top it off, the lake is right beside a train track, too, so it's a little boy's heaven.  After 5 hours and 3 long skiing rides, we told the boys we had to leave and none of them were ready, but especially, Ian!
Camp WACK Volunteers and Donors:  THANK YOU!  You may never know what this day means to so many kids! 

 Ready to ski!
 As they lowered him into the water from the dock
Prince Charming waiting for his boat (he REALLY loved being surrounded by so many young ladies!)

And, off he goes!

 2 jet skis follow closely, ready to grab him in case he would tip over (which Ian would probably love!)
Happy boy at the end of his first ride!
I should also mention that these folks that do Camp WACK for 3 days in a row so they can serve as many kids as possible.  That's a lot of volunteers, boats, gas, vacation days, food, etc, etc.!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lindsay Jill

It doesn't seem possible that it was 28 years ago today that we excitedly arrived at the hospital, knowing that within a matter of hours, we would be parents and holding our sweet baby in our arms.  It took more hours than I would have liked, but of course, it was worth every minute.  I'm getting old and forgetful, but I'll never forget looking into that beautiful face and thanking God over and over for this precious gift of life.  Lindsay Jill Humphrey was born at 7:39 p.m. and I didn't sleep at all that night due to the sheer joy and excitement of being a mom.  (The only thing that compares is being a grandma!!)  28 years later and it's still a joy and honor to be her mom! 
Happy, happy birthday Lindsay!
We love you!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camp Mephibosheth

Ian had an amazing opportunity to attend Camp Mephibosheth yesterday for one of their day camps. The camp director told me that Ian was the hit of the camp.  Why am I not surprised?  Mephibosheth ministers to special needs people of all ages and there were many of them there yesterday.  He got to swim first, which is always a treat for Ian, make some crafts and interact with miniature horses, rabbits, donkey, chickens, etc.  However, the highlight of the day was the Flying Squirrel activity.  They strap the camper in as if they were going to do the climbing wall, then they attach them to a pully system and pull them straight up into the air - 40 feet in the air!!!  I just knew Ian would love it and he did!  He even waved from all the way up.  Such a neat opportunity for folks who don't get to do anything so daring most of the time. 
 Getting the harness on
 Now, for the helmet
 Going up......

and up.....
 and up!
This sweet, young lady is studying to be an OT and was thrilled to spend the day with Ian, who was completely smitten by her by the end of the day. 
While Ian attended camp, I took J and L to Lake Mississinewa and found a playground near the lake where we had a picnic lunch and played for awhile and then got back to see Ian do the "Flying Squirrel".  Wish I could post some great pics that I took of them.  Hopefully, only 6-8 more weeks before I can do just that!
So, all in all, it was a great day, well worth the very long drive over and back!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Birthday!

A little over 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our daughter-in-law's birthday and I mentioned that Tom and I began praying for our children's spouses when they were young.  Little did we know that the sweet boy who would marry our daughter was only a few miles away, growing up in a wonderful family with 2 big sisters and terrific parents.  Troy started hanging around our house when he and Lindsay were juniors in high school and it didn't take long before we were hoping that he was "the one!"  Besides being a genius, he is a growing man of God, a handyman extraordinaire, a wonderful husband and daddy and the best son-in-law ever!  
Happy Birthday, Troy!!!  We love you and are so thankful that you are part of our family!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Turn About

If you've read this blog much at all during this past school year, you know that Ian has had an awesome principal who has a thing for unique hats.  Ian knows that and always points to his head when Mr. Pinto is in sight.  So, for most of the school year, Mr. Pinto let Ian borrow his hats for a night and I never knew what would greet me when Ian got off the bus (cows, dragons, ice cream cones, etc.).  Well, we've been  searching for a hat that Mr. Pinto didn't already have and found a friend of ours wearing it on facebook, of all places!  I asked about it and before you know it, the very hat arrived at our door via the UPS truck (thank you Coulters!!!).  Ian was beside himself and we took it right over to Mr. Pinto, who was most excited to get a new hat! 

 Of course, Ian had to wear the hat before handing it over.
It's true that there is more than corn in Indiana, but there is a LOT of corn, so every hat-obsessed, Indiana  principal should have a cornhead hat!