Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lindsay Jill

It doesn't seem possible that it was 28 years ago today that we excitedly arrived at the hospital, knowing that within a matter of hours, we would be parents and holding our sweet baby in our arms.  It took more hours than I would have liked, but of course, it was worth every minute.  I'm getting old and forgetful, but I'll never forget looking into that beautiful face and thanking God over and over for this precious gift of life.  Lindsay Jill Humphrey was born at 7:39 p.m. and I didn't sleep at all that night due to the sheer joy and excitement of being a mom.  (The only thing that compares is being a grandma!!)  28 years later and it's still a joy and honor to be her mom! 
Happy, happy birthday Lindsay!
We love you!!!


  1. Thank you! ~Lindsay

  2. How well we remember that huge smile on her daddy's face
    when he greeted us at the hospital holding his hand over a large button
    which said "it's a girl" what joy!

  3. Wow - Lindsay's baby picture looks like Brenna!