Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camp Mephibosheth

Ian had an amazing opportunity to attend Camp Mephibosheth yesterday for one of their day camps. The camp director told me that Ian was the hit of the camp.  Why am I not surprised?  Mephibosheth ministers to special needs people of all ages and there were many of them there yesterday.  He got to swim first, which is always a treat for Ian, make some crafts and interact with miniature horses, rabbits, donkey, chickens, etc.  However, the highlight of the day was the Flying Squirrel activity.  They strap the camper in as if they were going to do the climbing wall, then they attach them to a pully system and pull them straight up into the air - 40 feet in the air!!!  I just knew Ian would love it and he did!  He even waved from all the way up.  Such a neat opportunity for folks who don't get to do anything so daring most of the time. 
 Getting the harness on
 Now, for the helmet
 Going up......

and up.....
 and up!
This sweet, young lady is studying to be an OT and was thrilled to spend the day with Ian, who was completely smitten by her by the end of the day. 
While Ian attended camp, I took J and L to Lake Mississinewa and found a playground near the lake where we had a picnic lunch and played for awhile and then got back to see Ian do the "Flying Squirrel".  Wish I could post some great pics that I took of them.  Hopefully, only 6-8 more weeks before I can do just that!
So, all in all, it was a great day, well worth the very long drive over and back!


  1. Way to go on The Flying Squirrel, Ian! You are one brave guy! ~Lindsay

  2. What great pictures!! Ian's smile is worth a million dollars and I bet he would have gone on the Flying Squirrel over and over again!!! Give Ian a hug for us---and give J and L one too! We love you all. mm/dd

  3. Looks like you may have to hook up a bungee in your backyard for your Ian Kinevel. :) It is so great to see that smile.

  4. Ian has to be the most photogenic child ever! What a great time for a special guy.