Thursday, August 28, 2014

Double Digits

Our youngest firecracker turns 10 today! I could write volumes about this kid but I'll save that for another post. Lucas has come such a loooooonnnnnngggggg way since he joined us, 3 years ago! He is a hoarder of treasures (aka junk) and uses them to "create inventions" (his words.) He has promised to "not forget his mom when he becomes a famous inventer" and I have no doubt that he will change the world!  He recently told me, as I was tucking him in one night, that he loved me "so much that he thought his heart would melt." Need I say more?

 He loves dogs so much that we might have to break down and get one.
 Ever since he inherited this shirt from Ian, he LOVES the Saints and especially Drew Brees!
He may be small, but he is MIGHTY!
Happy 10th Birthday, Lucas!
We love you and are so thankful that God brought you to us!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Annual Mom-Mom and Dad-Dad Family Reunion

Last weekend, we headed to KY Dam Village State Resort Park on beautiful KY Lake for the first of many Mom-mom and Dad-dad family reunions. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

 Mom-mom with 4 of the great granddaughters 
 The Three Amigos
 Handsome Mr. Ethan
 Laura with her Mini Me, Mae
 Great Uncle Bo and Grand Bo, reading to Ethan and Jack
 Jeremy and Olivia staying dry together
 Ian spent a lot of time, racing around and chasing the little kids
 Pops and Ethan
 Lindsay and Ethan

 Fearless Felicia
 Elizabeth and Mr.Langston
 Ian got cold and wanted out of the water so he could "shoot" us all with the water gun
 Jeremy, jumping off of Drew's shoulders
 Drew and Brenna, giving Grammy a heart attack!
 Pops getting some Langston cuddles
 Ian and Jack, playing Corn Hole with Aunt Rachelle
 Family Photos: Stacy, Kathryn, Cliff, Hudson, and Elizabeth
 Bo and Rachelle with their boys who all have wonderful wives and 3 grandchildren thus far.
 And then, there's us! 
Mom-mom and Dad-dad with the great grandchildren
 And with the grandchildren
 Grammy and Pops with the cutest grandchildren on the planet!
 The 3 Amigos doing some crafts
 Mom-mom with Hudson (Kathryn and Cliff's little guy)

 A rare photographic smile from Felicia
 Olivia, showing off her tie-dyed t-shirt that the kids all made
 Ethan and Michael
 Pops and Olivia, discussing the animals they see in the clouds
Mr. Basketball
Scott, John and their families couldn't be there this year and we missed them! But, it was a great time for those of us who were there and only see each other once or twice a year! We're already booking next year's reunion!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Miss Julie

We have been blessed with the most amazing educators in all of our children's lives and Miss Julie is at the top of the list! Three years ago, when we had to decide whether or not to send Ian to middle school, I heard wonderful things about the woman who would be Ian's teacher if we moved him on and after 3 years, I can heartily concur. She saw so much untapped potential in Ian from the start which made us love her right away! She has worked so hard to find ways to motivate Ian and to assess what he understands. She has pushed him to use his AAC device (aka the talker), knowing that communication is key for him. She has loved him and always advocated for the best for him (and all of her students.) She has helped us (the parents) in so many ways and been patient with our questions and concerns. She has done his ESY (extended school year) for 3 summers, coming to our home to work one-on-one with Ian. I have never doubted his love for school and it has largely been because of Miss Julie. We wish her a much deserved retirement but will miss her terribly! I'm not sure that Ian fully understands that she won't be in the classroom when he goes back next week. 

Thank you, Miss Julie, for all you have done for Ian and for us! You are one very special lady and teacher!
We love you!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Friends

Our family had the privilege of meeting lots of special folks at Victory Lane Camp and one that already made it a point to put us on his itinerary. We were so very blessed to have Peter Strople and Baby Girl in our home for a couple days and learn as much as we could from this amazing man, as well as share our lives with each other. 

Thank you, Peter, for making time for us and for sharing your life with us! We are blessed to know you and call you our new friend!