Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mid Winter Warmth

Lucas and I took a long field trip to TN and braved the snow and ice on Thursday to love on these cuties!  It was a day later than planned due to the snow but Grammy is so glad we got to go!
Sweet Olivia
Ethan is on the move all the time but graciously allowed Grammy to get lots of hugs and kisses!
He smiles all the time....
and adores his Mommy!
Still smiling
Lindsay and I took the kids to a fun play place and they all had a blast and worked off some energy.
Olivia sliding
Lucas at the top...
and down he goes!

Here comes Ethan!

Grammy is stealing another hug!
Lucas and Olivia at the top of one of the play sets
Are they adorable or what?!
Grammy got a little crazy and made a fort out of some boxes. 

 I'm so thankful for Pops who held down the fort with Ian and Jeremy so I could have time with these sweeties!  Love them to pieces!