Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksiving in Memphis

Olivia says she is the Princess so I told her I am the Queen! She helped me dress appropriately.

Ethan decided to get away from the chaos for a little alone time.
O givng E a "horsey ride"
Weather was beautiful so we took advantage and helped rake some leaves. Actually, Tom and Jeremy helped Troy while Lucas searched for treasures, Ian drove around and Grammy played with the little ones.
What, exactly, is supposed to be fun about these leaves?
Olivia got a couple jumps in before they were all bagged up.
Big helper
Productive morning
This is Ethan, running around the cove while Grammy chased after him.
O was hard at work, too!
Pops, taking a break to smooch those sweet cheeks!
The Gang, sans Ian 
Grammy trying to get E to be still long enough for a picture
O transporting E
The hotel had a pool that was warmer than bathwater so we took advantage every day we were there.

Water Wars

On Sat night, we went to the Memphis Zoo to see the lights
 Can you see the snow falling? Although it was 62 degrees, they actually made snow!
 Ethan trying to get to the cows
 Lucas and Olivia feeding a goat
 Tunnel of Lights
 Carousel Ride
 The Kiddos
 Ian, meeting the Panda
And, because we don't know if/when/where we will see O and E at Christmas and because some elves had already been shopping, we brought Ethan his biggest gift! He immediately climbed right in it like he was the King!

Thank you, Lindsay and Troy, for allowing us to invade your home and play with your children! 
We are so blessed and thankful for all of our family!
Happy Thanksgiving!