Sunday, April 26, 2015

Olivia is 5!

Olivia Grace turned 5 last Tuesday and instead of blogging about it, I drove to Memphis to surprise her! Actually, I got to stay with her and Ethan while their mommy and daddy attended a conference in Hilton Head. Since it happened to be that I was traveling to Memphis on her birthday, we decided to surprise her! It was so, so fun to see her face when she saw me at the door!
 This is her 2nd princess cake (the first was pink) and the "Frozen" cupcakes were for school
 Several grandparents and great grandparents collaborated to get her a tablet of her own (with long trips to Greenville in mind.)
 And since Ethan's birthday is right around the corner and to eliminate lots of angst, he got an early gift as well.
 Lindsay and Troy left early Wed morning and the fun commenced! We began with a trip to the park.
 Selfies at the park

 Climbing the "mountain"
 Walking through the beautiful flowers (weeds) at the pond
 If big sister is going to climb the mountain, of course, Ethan is going to attempt it, too!
 Doing one of the crafts that Grammy brought - sand art
 What to do on a rainy, gloomy day? Why, take all the cushions off the couch and jump on them, of course!
 Crazy boy!
 And, on Friday afternoon, we had another surprise for O and E - Pops showed up!

Pops did a lot of this

We went to Kids Play one morning and to the park again in the afternoon

 Pictures before church on Sunday 

 Ethan didn't want his picture taken but he was happy to race so I snapped a quick one as the race began

 Tried to get a selfie of all of us before leaving. Obviously, I need practice and longer arms!

 Hanging out and procrastinating the Goodbyes
Happy 5th birthday, Olivia!
O and E, thanks for letting Grammy and Pops come stay with you for a few days!
We had a blast and we love you very much!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Resurrection Sunday

We had a wonderful day celebrating our Risen Savior with our church family yesterday morning. Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed hiding eggs for the boys and grandchildren to find.

 The Three Handsome Amigos
and with the MOST Handsome Amigo!
 and one with Mom
 Daddy helped Langston a little 
 Brenna, going for a well-hidden egg
Ian really loves finding his eggs!
 Felicia spots another purple one
 Handsome boys
 Lucas really gets into it as well

Jeremy had to work for his eggs

We are so humbled and thankful for God's plan of redemption for sinners such as us!