Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last Monday, we loaded the car and car-top carrier and headed to Memphis with all 3 boys in tow.  The time with Olivia and her parents was way too short but oh, so fun!!!!  Since it was too hot to do much else, we spent lots of time in the neighbor's pool.  Lindsay and Troy have awesome, amazing neighbors on their cove!  Wish I could post pictures of all the boys (Tom included) in the pool, but that will still have to wait.  They had a blast and were thoroughly worn out.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.  They have taken 2 days to download and that is no joke!
Just love those curls!!!
Watching the crazy boys in the pool
The little queen (as J dubbed her)
Ian has gotten so much stronger in the water and was actually swimming
We can't go to Memphis without eating bar-b-q, which Olivia loves

and so does Ian!
Olivia and her special chair
 From the get-go, she was running to Pops with her arms up, tightening the string around her little finger
(That's a mosquito bite on her sweet, little cheek)
Thanks Lindsay, Troy and Olivia for letting us invade your home and spend time with you!!! 
 Love and miss you all!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Fun!!

We were able to travel to beautiful Falls of Rough, KY (where Tom's parents live) last weekend for our first road trip as a family of five and J and L's first family reunion.  Everyone did great in the van and J and L loved getting to know more family members.  It's so fun to catch up with everyone's busy lives and just hang out and visit.  Wish I could post pictures with J and L because I've got some great ones, but that will have to wait.  Until then, you'll have to look at the same adorable children that I'm always talking about!
Miss Olivia on the boat
Ian and Dad, lookin' good in their shades!
Movie star
Brenna and her mommy on the boat

Cousin Katy and 2nd cousin, Amelia
Ian with his favorite Uncle Bo (Bo's words)
Drew and Elizabeth on the tube
Drew, jumping off a cliff (sorry I missed you, Michael!)
Mom-mom and Brenna
Once again, trying to get a good picture of both grandaughters......
I must say it's a hilarious undertaking
As good as it gets this time
Thanks Mom-mom and Dad-dad for letting us invade your house and for all the yummy food (especially the ice cream!!!) and for driving us around on the boat all weekend and for all your love and support!