Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun weekend!

This past weekend we got to see Drew and Elizabeth (they came to meet their newest niece - they have 4 now!), Olivia twice and Ian got to see Gus, Phoebe and Lucy (who he loves almost as much as Olivia)

This picture is actually from today when Olivia was in her carseat, ready for the trip to the doctor (who pronounced her "perfect" more than once!)

Drew and Elizabeth with Olivia - they will be such great parents themselves and we will get to do this all over again!!!! Woohooooooo!!!!!!!!1

Olivia seems to like having her hands up by her face most of the time and it's so cute!

Ian loving on Gus, who is very tolerant.

Gus getting a wet hug from Ian

Friday, April 23, 2010

Uncle Ian gets to hold Miss Olivia

Ian and I went (guess where?) to the hospital again today so he could take Olivia some balloons and a pink teddy bear that he picked out. He was most excited about giving her the balloons and especially excited to get to hold her. The new little family made it home just fine tonight, although Lindsay said that Olivia didn't care for her first car ride. If she's her mother's daughter she will get used to it quickly and go to sleep as soon as the car engine starts.

Proud Uncle Ian

The beautiful new mommy and the beautiful Olivia Grace

She was trying to wake up and look at us but it was so hard to keep those eyes open.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More pictures.....

Ian's class at school took a field trip today to Ross Camp and the Fun Fest, where he got to sit in a fire truck, hold a bunny, eat pizza and have his face painted, among lots of other things. So...what was I to do since he was gone all day (he usually only goes to school for 2 1/2 hours each morning)? The Yukon just automatically drove to Clarian North where the new mommy and daddy graciously let me hold my grandaughter for the biggest part of 3 hours!!!!! All I can say is...........AWESOME!!!!!

Ian's new look

Is she the most beautiful thing you've ever seen or what?!!!!!

Proud, proud Grammie, Mommy and precious Olivia Grace!
Ian and I are headed back tomorrow because he has a special delivery for Olivia that he is most excited about!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia Grace Roberson
7 lb. 9 oz.
21 inches long
dark hair
Born at 6:16 p.m.
April 21

About 30 minutes after the birth

Proud Daddy

Favorite Grammy (or whatever she chooses to call me!)

Excited Uncle Ian
One look and she's already got him wrapped around her little finger!

Rough Day

Congratulating Big Sister

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Addendum to Road Trip Post.....

Ian in the hotel pool.........Enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Road Trip

Early Friday morning, we packed up Ian and all his gear and set out for Minnesota. 11 1/2 hours later, we made it to our hotel with just enough time to jump in the pool before bedtime. Saturday morning, as soon as breakfast was over, we headed back to the pool and hot tub. Ian LOVES to swim and is fearless in the water. We met Dana, Willie, Molly and Jack for lunch (I've known Dana all her life - our parents were college and Air Force friends) and had a great time introducing them to Ian. After a great visit we headed back guessed it - the POOL!
The real reason for the trip, however, was to attend the Robin's Nest annual banquet. (Robin's Nest is the childrens home where Ian grew up.) There were lots of people there that have known Ian over the years and they were so excited to see him. He passed out lots of smiles and hugs, even though it was a late night and he was exhausted from so much swimming. We slept a few hours and then, headed back to Indiana and were glad to get out of the car when we finally made it home Sunday evening.

Angela, Molly, Jack, Ian, Tom and Dana

Ian, relaxing in the hot tub

Ian and Noah

All of the kids who have "flown the nest" and were able to make it to the banquet, along with Michelle Robinette, the founder of Robin's Nest

Peter and Ian - the two children who have most recently "flown the nest." Peter just joined his forever family a few weeks ago.

Michelle and Ian. This woman has taken such great care of Ian and loved him and prayed for him since he was 18 months old. She still does!
It was a great weekend and fun to get away with Ian. We have some great videos of him in the pool, so stay tuned (if I can figure out how to get them on here!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's here!!!!!

Most of you probably know that we have been waiting since Nov. 4 for Ian's new, custom tailored wheelchair. For a variety of reasons that I won't bore you with, it has been severely delayed but......he finally got it today!!! He was so excited and hasn't been out of it since we got home several hours ago. It is a one-arm drive, which means that when he learns how to use it, he will be able to maneuver it with his stronger, right arm. As of now, he just goes in circles, but he's OK with that for the time being. He's just happy to be upright and in a comfortable position for him and able to propel himself forward and backward. He had to take another tour of the house as soon as we got home and check it all out from this new perspective. It has a tray, backpack and IV pole (for his feeding tube equipment), too. This is the first time in a very long time that he has been in a correct position so it's a very big deal and we are all very excited!!!

The representative from National Seating and Mobility, their tech and our OT and PT all made the necessary adjustments to make the chair just right for Ian.

Happy boy! The video below isn't too great but I just got a quick one to have. We'll have a better one later.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Ian finally got to start school last week! I haven't posted anything about it because I'm not all that happy with the situation and spent most of last week talking to other parents of children with disabilities and GLASS folks and Ian's homebound teacher and the principal and the TN expert (thanks, Stacy!), etc. (You get the idea - I'm a problem parent and not the least bit ashamed of it!) Tom and I don't believe his placement is the best place for him to learn and reach his full potential, so we have requested another IEP meeting to discuss the options. Ian is a most unique situation and everyone is just trying to figure out what is best for him. The school corp has of course served children with disabilities before as well as children who have been adopted from other countries. However, when you consider that Ian has all of the above plus he has not had the opportunity to go to school (with the exception of a wonderful missionary teacher at Robin's Nest during 2008-2009 school year) and he can't verbalize what he knows and understands, he presents a pretty big challenge. We have been blessed with an exceptional homebound teacher during the last few months who has gone above and beyond to begin to unlock what is in that brain of his. She knows that he can count to 20, knows his letters (upper and lower case for the most part), knows his colors, can answer comprehension questions about a story she has read, recognizes his name, etc, etc. She's very creative and has been a real blessing. She will be a big key to our next meeting and helping to determine what Ian's school day will look like.

The positive side to the current classroom placement is that he is surrounded by wonderful, loving ladies who help/teach in the classroom. They get to go on 2 field trips each week and he went to the DQ and swimming at the YMCA last week. Guess what the highlight of the entire week was??? Riding the bus to the field trips!!! He was beside himself with excitement. I wish I had the camera with me. Swimming was a close second because he is such a little fish.

So, stay tuned for the next installment of Ian's school day as it continues to evolve.

You will certainly want to check tomorrow's blog posting because we are going to have a very BIG day!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

I'm a bit behind with blogging, but wanted to post a picture of our most handsome youngest son on Easter morning. He loves to dress up and especially loves to look like Dad. He's very particular about his clothes so I held my breath when I showed him the new duds. Thankfully, he was very excited and couldn't wait to put them on.

After a wonderful worship service, we went to my cousin's house to celebrate my aunt's 80th birthday. The birthday girl is the one seated and my mom is on the left with the middle sister beside her.
Me and one of my cousins, who is a very special friend, too!

It was a fun day, but Ian ended up with a bad cold (or allergies?) By late afternoon he was just miserable. He's doing better now, but still not himself.