Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Pics - Part One

Finally! A blog update after a long hiatus.  I won't offer excuses - just lots of pictures.  We had 5 family Christmas celebrations and enjoyed spending time with many members of our families.

Brenna's new wagon (good thing it has seat belts!)
Family Christmas picture
On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents' for the traditional Taco Dinner with Max's secret recipe ice cream balls for dessert and a pinata for the kids
Ian getting a turn to whack the snowman
Jeremy severed the head from the body! Go Jeremy!
Mimi and Pa with the boys
Ready to open gifts on Christmas afternoon
Jeremy was so good to help Ian open his gifts
 Boilermaker foam hat (Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Teena!)
 Potentially the best gift ever.......cowboy boots for Lucas!  He was beside himself!
 "Look Mom!  Do I look like a real cowboy now?"
 We got the boys a wii and they love it!
Tom's parents were also able to come and share a couple days with us.  However, I somehow managed to miss getting a picture of them.  We had a great time and so appreciate them coming!!!
 Grammy and Brenna
 Two Beautiful Girls
 Lucas found a box that fit him
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Pics - Part Two

On Dec. 29, we headed south toward Memphis but stopped in Nashville for the night and had yet another Christmas celebration with my brother and his kids and our parents.  So fun to be together as it's a rare thing these days.
Lucas and cousin Elizabeth
Ian LOVED Uncle Brian's new bongo drum!
As a typical kid, Brenna loves boxes as much or more than what comes in them.
Ian, opening his new air hockey game from Uncle Brian.
We headed to Memphis on Friday morning and got there in plenty of time for dinner and yes......more Christmas celebrations!
Olivia, presiding over the gift opening
Beautiful girl!
Not sure who enjoyed Olivia's new kitchen more - Lucas or Ian!
Drew and Jeremy
Feeding M & M's to Pops
It was so warm and sunny in Memphis, that we enjoyed going to the park more than once.

We took the Wii with us.....playing Mario Kart
The older kids took the younger boys to a movie as their Christmas gift and these parents/grandparents were as thrilled as the kids (possibly more!)  We got to stay home with the little girls and play!  :-)))
 Playing peek a boo
Not sure what they were looking at
 Drew - in Olivia's chair.  Pretty funny.
At the playground again
 4/5 Humphrey men
 The other Humphrey man being tackled
 Kiss for Mommy

Chatting with Pops
Watching the crazy boys wrestle from a safe place
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all from Memphis!