Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Five years ago today, we officially welcomed Troy to our family, but after 4+ years of dating Lindsay, he was already part of the clan (poor guy!)

Troy, Lindsay, Lucy, Gus, Ethel (God rest her soul)

On top of a Colorado mountain
Husband and wife

A beautiful, God-honoring ceremony


And with the newest addition.............
Happy Anniversary, Troy and Lindsay!!!
We love you!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Trey and More Water

We are hicks and yes, that is a water tank from our horse days that you see in the pictures. As hot as it's been we decided to drag it out and fill it up. It's just the right height for Ian to play in as he sits in his stroller (which is waterproof). He is happy to play for hours and pour water on himself, me, into a bucket, etc. However, it is MUCH more fun to play in water when he has a friend to play with.

Tom got me a new camera for my birthday and it is much quicker at catching the moment than my old one, which had such a delay. PLUS, it has continuous shooting which is awesome. I'm just learning to use it and loving it!! So, please notice the water in these shots. :-)

Good buddies!

Trey's little sister, Tess - helping Ian wipe his chin. So sweet!

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Water Fun

Ian is blessed to have not one, but two sets of grandparents who live on water. Today, we got to spend the day with my parents, tooling around on the lake, swimming and tubing. Ian loves driving the boat and is never ready to get off. He would also spend hours swimming in the water if we'd let him. The feeling it gives him must be incredibly liberating because he can move all over the place and loves to chase or be chased.

Mimi and Ian, driving the boat

Mimi, Mom and Ian swimming

Mom and Ian on the tube

Pa let Ian actually drive the boat so (due to his strong right arm) we went around in circles for a very long time. Then, he discovered how to push and pull the accelerator, so we went fast and then abruptly stopped and then fast and then stopped and get the idea. Pa is a very patient grandfather.

Ian finished the day in the hammock where he fought like crazy to stay awake. What a fun day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ian and Trey

Ian and Trey had another playdate yesterday and this time, Trey came to our house. He brought along a bag of goodies and a list of things he and Ian could do together. Some of the items on the list included: going for a walk, playing with cars and trucks, playing cowboys, etc. They did all of that and more. For a poignant look at Trey and Ian's friendship, check out Trey's mom's blog (Raisin' Four). For a good laugh, check out these pictures!

Trey pushed Ian around the house on his "horse" and they were galloping!

Goggle Buddies

Two strange monkeys that I found at the dining room table!
Thanks, Trey for coming to visit and for being such a good friend to Ian!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Guests

Ian (and Tom and I) were blessed to have special guests for the weekend. Noah and Ellen came to visit and Ian thoroughly enjoyed having other kids around and was sad to see them leave.

Watching a Veggie Tales movie together

Sharing Ian's swing

Buckled in and strapped down for lots of fun tractor rides! (Ian and Noah would have done this all day if the driver and the gas didn't give out.) Ellen was a big help in picking up sticks!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


After our very fun 4th of July weekend in the Falls of Rough resort (aka Mom-mom and Dad-dad's), Ian and I headed for Memphis again. Lindsay and Troy are in the midst of a major bathroom re-do so we helped as much as possible and mostly got the best job of all - entertaining Olivia! Ian was a trooper while we were there and especially on the long ride home. Dad bought him a DVD player for the car so he was hooting and hollering at the amazing new truck videos, as well as the construction equipment that held us up!

Ian took the wallpaper peeling very seriously

After he peeled all the paper at his level, we moved him to the closet (which is as big as our spare bedroom) and he thorougly explored every inch of it.

Taking a break from the work so Olivia could try out her new raft. This child absolutely loves water of any variety - bath, pool, lake, boat, etc.

Watching Olivia in the pool

Uncle Ian and Olivia

Olivia was not happy that we were leaving (at least that's what we choose to believe) :-) And, she wasn't the only one - it's only by God's grace that we didn't end up in Mississippi since I couldn't see to drive. We're counting the days until the next trip!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family, Fun, Food and Fourth of July

Last weekend, we headed to the Falls of Rough, KY, where Tom's parents live. We got to see lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, our own kids, etc. and had a blast!! Here are a few pictures from the fun: We took 2 vehicles so Ian got to ride with Tom on the way down and he was thrilled!

Fourth of July fireworks - Ian's first fireworks experience as far as we know.

The fireworks are on the edge of the lake and they reflect beautifully.

Tom had to hold on tight because although Ian loved seeing the fireworks, the sound also scared him a little.

Ian loved the boat!

Driving the boat with Dad-dad

I'm not sure who loved the boat more - Ian or Olivia

Ready to jump in the lake!

Chillin' after her swim

Ian and Mom, bracing for 4 people to attack!

Ian even got to tube, which he LOVED!!!! I kept asking if he wanted to stop and he kept shaking his head "NO!"

Thanks Mom-mom and Dad-dad for a wonderful weekend!!!! We love you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 Posts in One Day!

Ian and I had another fun day as we headed to Columbian Park Zoo and met some great friends there. Hannah (age 5) has been an Ian "fan" since before he arrived in Indiana and has showered him with goodies ever since and prays for him frequently. Her mom is Ian's "aide" in Sunday School and we so appreciate all she does for him!!

Checking out some kind of lizard with a blue tongue. (Notice Ian's cool shades!)

Hannah and her mom in the otter tube (Ian's wheelchair wouldn't fit.)

Ian and Brandy with a motionless penguin

Riley CP clinic update

Yesterday was Ian's semi annual visit to the CP clinic at Riley. All the doctors thought he was doing great with the exception of the very tight hamstrings (which is an ongoing issue.) He has gained 15 lbs in 6 months, so I guess all the comments we hear about how he is filling out have been very true! We have some big decisions to make concerning some possible surgeries and would appreciate your prayers as we read, research and talk to other parents and professionals about what to do. After a very long morning at the clinic, we went to my grandmother's for a delicious (and huge!) lunch and then to Harmony Springs Farm to visit Mimi and Pa. Instead of even going in the house to visit, we got on the pontoon and you can just imagine Ian's reaction to that. He went back and forth from watching the motor to driving and making it go as fast as it can! I wish I'd had the camara for his first (presumably) boat ride.
Keep reading, if you are inclined, as I did 2 posts at once. Sorry, there are no pictures for this one.

Busy, summer fun!

I haven't had much time to blog lately because Ian and I have been so busy having fun! And, unfortunately I forgot my camera for most of the fun. Last Friday, a special friend invited us to swim in their beautiful pool and Ian really loves to swim! It's more fun with Dad who can throw him farther but I finally figured out how to get him up on the steps and throw him from there. He had a blast and tried to hide under a towel when it was time to leave. Saturday, we traveled to Ohio to our nephew's graduation party and got to see lots of family and meet new people. Sunday was a great, but sad day at church as we said good-by to some very good friends who are moving to Michigan. Monday morning, Ian had a play date with his special buddy, Trey (and family). Trey is the one who used his own money to buy Ian a drill and superman car shortly after he came home with us (both of which have been through several sets of batteries.) Trey loves Ian and Ian adores him and thinks he is the funniest thing ever. One of Trey's missions is to keep Ian laughing and he accomplishes it with flair! We are so thankful for these special friends who are investing in Ian's life!

Trey, reading a book about trucks and tractors (what else?)

Angela, Ian, Trey and one of his brothers and little sister, who is behind Ian's hand
This is the note Trey made for Ian