Monday, September 15, 2014


So......Lindsay had an opportunity to accompany Troy on a quick trip to CO for a conference and thanks to Pops and my parents (helping with our boys), I was able to make the trip to stay with Olivia and Ethan. The trip was made more enjoyable by a fun traveling companion who kept me entertained with amazing stories of her wonderful life!  O, E and Grammy had a blast, despite the cool, rainy weather! So thankful for every minute with our grandchildren....they are all such blessings!

Ethan on the bouncy horse
What to do on a rainy day? Why, stay in your jammies all day and build a tent in the living room, of course!
Olivia's bedroom in the tent house
Olivia and Gus in the tent
We braved the cold and mud to go the park for awhile on Saturday. 

Joe Cool

Sweet girl! She is always so concerned about her brother "falling and cracking his head." She is a protective little "mother."
Thanks, O and E, for letting Grammy come play!
Pops and I love you!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


We love zoos. Perhaps it's because we live with a zoo. Whatever the reason, we have always loved visiting zoos. So, when the grandchildren started coming along and we adopted the boys, we decided it was a good time to get a  membership to the Indy zoo. (It paid for itself in one trip with the entire family!)  
A few days ago, I took Brenna and Felicia and met up with my mom and dad for a few hours of animal watching.

Mimi and Felicia watching the lions
 Of course, we had to ride the carousel! (You can't see it here but Felicia chose the rhino to ride.)
 and Brenna chose the gorilla.
 Grammy/Felicia selfie
 Brenna in the tram car with Mimi and Pa
 Watching the sea lions do their tricks (behaviors)
Felicia, "in" the ocean 
 a bit blurry but still cute!
These pictures are from a day when they were at my house and Brenna asked if I wanted to take their picture. My grandchildren know me well! Ha!
 These girls love their little brother and he adores them!
Can't wait to go back to the zoo!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Belated Birthday pictures

This post is ridiculously late but since I am enjoying high speed internet in Memphis instead of "internet light" (yes, that really is what they call it) I decided to finally post pictures of Jeremy and Lucas' birthday party. Their birthdays are exactly one month apart so we picked a day in between to celebrate both together.
 They chose the new Planes movie theme so we had a few decorations...
 and a pinata to bash! Everyone got a few turns and here is Jeremy....
 and Brenna...
 and Felicia...
 and Ian...
 and Lucas, striking the final blow that sent the candy flying and the kids scrambling!
 The Birthday Boys (they chose ice cream sundaes for dessert)
 Langston even got a taste of ice cream.
 The 2 oldest brothers and Tom connived to do the birthday spankings! 
 I think Ian might have enjoyed it a bit too much! ;-)
It was a fun time to celebrate Jeremy and Lucas and to thank God for protecting them and bringing them to our family.