Sunday, March 18, 2012

The newest little Humphrey!!

We survived the 2 weeks of intensive therapy (which I will blog about later) and just as we were about home from the last session, Drew called to say that Elizabeth was in labor and heading to the hospital!
God's Perfect Timing!!!!  At 7:19 pm, Felicia Laurelle entered the world!  She is 6 lb 14 oz, perfect and beautiful, of course, and everyone is doing well.  We are overwhelmed at God's goodness and mercy! Praise Him!

A family of 4
Proud Daddy!
Big sister, Brenna with Felicia
Meeting Uncle Ian
Meeting Uncle Jeremy
Meeting Uncle Lucas
 Getting a kiss from big Sis
 Talking to Pops
Sweet Baby Girl, we love you!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week No. 2 - Here we Come!

Just a quick update before we head into the second week of therapy with Lucas.  It's going very well and we are already seeing progress (although we know it will be a long, slow process).  Tom and I are learning sooooo much about the fear and anxiety that drives Lucas and how to best respond to it.  The parents/grandparents had a changing of the guard and Tom's folks are here now.  It has been such a blessing to have the extra help!!  (My ironing is even all caught up!) 
Although we know this is all going to be worth the effort, I will say that it's very exhausting and we covet your prayers for all of us.  Jeremy and Ian are loving the extra attention from the grandparents but are missing Tom.  Our days are long and emotionally draining.  So, if you have been praying, THANK YOU!!!!  And, please continue.  God is faithful!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!!

I've started this post about 25 times in my head during the last several weeks, but it is only now making it to the blog because it's not an easy one to write.  I'd like to post cute pictures of our loving family and write about all the wonderful times we are having as we integrate the 2 newest members of the family.  However, it's not wonderful all of the time and in fact, it's pretty  miserable on some days.  We knew that adopting children "from hard places" would be....well, hard.  But we had no idea what we were in for.  Thankfully, our sovereign Lord knew.  As frustrated as we've been, we know that adopting these boys was the path He led us down and He has promised not to leave us.  Through a series of God-directed circumstances (aren't they all?) we found a therapist who specializes in attachment issues.  He's a Christian counselor who has been practicing for over 30 years, isn't the least bit surprised by one thing we've told him and is confident that he can help us learn to live together and love each other like the family God intended.  So, starting on Monday morning, Tom, Lucas and I will start a 2 week intensive therapy program that will last 6 hours each day, followed by weekly visits.  The financial constraints and logistics of job, child care, etc seemed overwhelming and once again, God provided in ways we couldn't have imagined. 
My point to this post is entirely to ask you to join us in prayer, especially during the next 2 weeks.  And, if you are so inclined, here are a few specifics to get you started:
  • Please pray that Tom and I will be open to a different way of parenting (the traditional ways of raising our first 2 children are certainly not effective with children who have the kind of past that our newest ones have.)
  • Please pray that we will see Lucas (and Jeremy, too) the way God sees them.
  • Please pray for our parents who will be tag teaming to help care for Ian and Jeremy while Tom and I are with Lucas. 
  • Please pray for strength and health for all of us. (Tom will be going to work before and after the therapy, so it will be particulary taxing on him.)
  • Most importantly, please pray that God will use us and what we learn to model His love for Lucas in a way that will get through the very formidable wall he has built around his little heart.
  • Pray that this situation will help us help others who face the same challenges with adopted children. 
Thank you in advance for bringing our family before the Throne as God brings us to mind.  We appreciate it more than we can ever express!