Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Therapy Week

I always say that being with the grandchildren is my therapy, so while Drew and Elizabeth attended a conference in FL, we got lots of therapy! It's a busy kind of therapy(but SO much fun!) so I didn't think to take many pictures but did snag a few.
Mimi and Pa came for a visit one day (first time they have been here since her back surgery!) Brenna and Felicia love working puzzles.

 The kiddos with Pa
 Handsome Langston
 The girls are really into making tents and having lunch in the tent, so we added a box entryway to our tent.
Pops, the Tickle Monster is about to get Felicia! 
The Attack!
 "Do it again, Pops!" (The Tickle Monster causes much static electricity.)
We even had a one year photo session with the blue-eyed hunk!

Thank you, Drew and Elizabeth, for entrusting your sweet children to us for a few days!
What a joy and blessing they are!