Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pep Session

When Ian changed schools this year, one of my biggest concerns was that he wouldn't be with "typically developing" kids very much because he is in a self contained classroom.  The kids at Cole had been so good to him, treating him like a celebrity.  Maybe I didn't need to worry:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long Overdue

I can't seem to ever muster the patience to blog when I know it will take hours to load the pictures, so yes, this is old news.  However, pictures of the grandaughters are never old news!  Lindsay and Olivia came to visit recently and we were so busy being entertained by Olivia (and Brenna when they were together) that I didn't take too many pictures but here are a few.

 Learning to share :-)
 Fascinated by the ducks at the Indy Zoo
 Brenna and Mommy watching some amazing animal (with Olivia and Mommy in the background)
 There isn't a dog in the world that is a stranger to Olivia (this dog is actually a native of Thailand!)
 Having a very serious, private conversation at the zoo

 Jeremy and Lucas at the zoo
 Checking out the treadmill
 Olivia loves goldfish (or in this case, gold sharks)
 Sweet Girl!
 Lindsay and the little brothers
This was a great visit for Jeremy and Lucas to get to know their sister and niece better.  Almost every day since they left, Lucas has asked when Windsay and Owivia are coming back and just can't grasp that the 9 hour drive makes it a bit difficult to come very often.
 More sharing
 Olivia loved playing with Jeremy and Lucas!
 Brenna was fascinated by birds on a sign ...
 so fascinated that we all were watching the birds
Lindsay and Olivia
It was wonderful having them here and it sure was sad and quiet when they left (well.....only quiet while the boys were at school!)