Monday, January 27, 2014

Photo Shoot

Today, this Grammy got to take pictures of 3 of the 5 cutest kids on the planet!  Here are a few....
The adorable Langston Thomas

 Getting kisses from his big sisters
 Felicia and Brenna with baby brother 
 More kisses
 Sibling pile-up
 Langston even woke up for awhile and wondered who was this crazy lady had a big, black thing in his face
Humphrey kiddos
Love them to pieces and so thankful for each of them!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

10 days old

This afternoon, we took the crew over to Drew and Elizabeth's to meet Langston.  It was so, so good to see him out of NICU and at home!!  He is just SO cute!!!  (says the unbiased Grammy!)
 Langston slept through most of the visit.
 Meeting Uncle Ian
 and Uncle Jeremy....
 and Uncle Lucas.
 Pops' turn
 Felicia loves her little brother
 Brenna would hold him all day long if she could! 
 Thankfully, she agreed to share for a little while.
 Pops and Langston
3 Generations of Thomas men (Thomas Albert, Drew Thomas and Langston Thomas)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

He's Home!!!!

Shortly before noon today and one week after his birth (seems longer!), Langston Thomas arrived home to meet his big sisters who have been so, so anxious to see and hold him!  Brenna couldn't wait for Daddy to get him out of that car seat so she could hold him.  Felicia's not too sure yet.  

 Seeing Langston for the first time
 Anxious for Daddy to get him out of that thing
 Love at first sight!
 Such a big sister!
 I think we'll all have to "fight" Brenna to get a turn at holding her little brother!
 Meeting Felicia
 Handsome boy!  

 This Grammy is so, so happy and thankful that these 5 are finally together under one roof!!!
Just had to post this one because of the look on Felicia's face.  If she is not happy about a camera in her face, she will let you know.  :-)

Welcome home, Langston!!  We love you and will commence spoiling after your sisters get their turn!!!!
Grammy and Pops

Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet our newest love!

At 9:30 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 7, I texted Elizabeth to see if she was having contractions.  Her reply was "nothing serious, but more pressure."  At 1:45 am, my phone rang and as soon as I saw it was Drew, I knew!  I threw some clothes on while Tom started the van and I drove as fast as possible on the icy roads to stay with the girls.  Drew and Elizabeth headed to the hospital and at 10:15 on Wednesday, Jan. 8, Langston Thomas Humphrey entered the world. He weighs 6 lb 9 oz and is 19" and is adorable!!   He had to go to NICU pretty soon after birth due to some breathing problems, so we haven't been able to see him much.  However, we are already smitten with this sweet boy and can't wait for him to get home so we can love on him even more!

 Langston Thomas Humphrey
 with his beautiful momma
 Pops and the girls being silly while we waited on Langston
Showing Pops their new tablet

We are so thankful for this precious new life that God has given to Drew, Elizabeth, Brenna and Felicia and continue to pray for the pressure in his lungs to equalize so he can be home with them all!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My view from.....

We were bummed that our worship service was cancelled this morning but have had an amazing opportunity to watch the work of the Master Creator at work!  I can't stop looking at the beautiful snow from every window of our house.......(taken through the windows, so not the greatest quality.)

The view from our bedroom....
 The view from Jeremy and Lucas' room.....
 The view from Ian's room.....
 View from the living room....
 And, from the back porch.
 Earlier this morning, I just had to get out in this winter wonderland and take some photos....
 What strikes me besides the sheer beauty is the peace and quiet that snow brings.

 Jeremy and Lucas headed out for some playing!

We are just so blessed to live in this beautiful woods where God's creation is so evident all around us!