Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The rest of the story......

So, while we were at Lindsay and Troy's, getting ready for Troy's graduation, Drew texted to say that they were on their way to the hospital! He kept us updated throughout the evening and at 7:30 (about the time that Troy was giving his speech and on Aunt Lindsay's birthday,) Rynessa Chanelle entered the world! Of course we were dying to see her and help with the other kids so we left after the lovely graduation reception and headed north. We stopped to sleep for a few hours and then, drove on to the hospital on Tuesday morning, so we could meet our new granddaughter!

Here is the proud Daddy
and the smitten Grammy!
The girls
Langston hanging out with Pops

Pops finally gets a turn
I realize that grandparents always think their grandchildren are the most beautiful but this little girl IS beautiful!

Brenna and her rock star mommy
Felicia and her handsome daddy
Brenna and Felicia are going to be such big helpers

Langston loves her, too

Looks like Langston is reading to his new baby sister

Today, I went back to the hospital with Brenna, Felicia, Langston, Jeremy and Lucas. Ian was having school but he'll get his turn to hold his new niece soon!

Felicia is such a little mommy
The whole family
Welcome to the world, and the crazy Humphrey family, sweet Rynessa!
We love you and are so thankful you are here!!! 

Bursting our Buttons!

We had the distinct privilege of attending the graduation of Dr. Troy Roberson from Campbell Clinic's residency program on Monday, June 22 (which also happens to be Lindsay's birthday!) What a thrill to be able to celebrate with Troy and Lindsay, Olivia, Ethan, and Troy's parents. We can't say enough about how proud we are of this guy! He has worked so, so hard and has had to sacrifice much! After being presented with their diplomas, the graduates had the opportunity to speak for a few minutes. Troy gave the most prepared, polished "speech" (I've always called him a genius for good reason! He is!!!!) 
Thanks, Troy, for inviting us to celebrate with you! We love you and are so very proud of you!

As a side note, we managed to surprise Olivia and Ethan at Chik-fil-A, which was so fun!!!

The graduates

The wives of the graduates, who have supported and encouraged their spouses along the way and many times, have felt like single parents, I'm sure. 
Troy and Lindsay will move to Greenville, SC for a year, where he will complete a sports medicine fellowship with Steadman HawkinsClinic of the Carolinas. We can't wait to visit SC!
Congratulations, Dr. T-Rob!
And, this wasn't all the excitement of the day. Stay tuned for the next post!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

Today we are celebrating our little girl's birthday! This sweet, shy, toothless 6 year old has turned into a beautiful, godly wife and mother. We often comment to each other that we messed up so much as we stumbled through parenting(still do!) but our faithful God redeems our efforts (totally by His grace) and has blessed us with such amazing adult children. Lindsay is a determined and compassionate child of the King and we are thankful to be her parents!
Happy Birthday, Lindsay!
Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!
We love you, 
Mom and Dad

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thankful for our Fathers

Today, and every day, Tom and I are grateful for the awesome dads that God blessed us with! They were, and are, examples of selflessness, patience, kindness, and love. Somehow, they survived us - both firstborn, type-A, know-it-all brats - and taught us so much! Since it's my blog, I get to write from my perspective and I see Tom's dad in him every day (and more than just looks!) He is truly a partner in raising our youngest 3 boys. He folds laundry, washes dishes, makes my coffee every morning, tends to Ian's needs, acts crazy with all the boys and grandchildren, to name a few. He learned how to be such a good husband, father and grandfather from his dad. 
And my daddy.....well, he's pretty much perfect. ;-) If I had to describe him in one word, it would be "patient." He patiently listened to my yammering about so many things, he patiently rubbed my legs when they hurt so bad, he patiently taught me to drive, to mow, to ride a bike, to solve math problems, to take photos, and so much more. 
More than all the above, we are humbled and thankful for godly fathers who instilled in us a love for God and people. 
Happy Father's Day, Dad and Daddy!
We love you!
Tom and Angela

Little Tommy with his Dad

My Daddy and me

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, T-Rob!

Today we celebrate our favorite son-in-law! He has put up with the in-laws for 10 years (officially) and several more during the dating years. We are so thankful that Troy is part of our family! He is a wonderful husband and daddy to Olivia and Ethan, a genius surgeon and the BEST son-in-law!

Happy Birthday, Troy! 
We love you and are so thankful for you!
Tom and Angela

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ethan Grey!

This handsome little guy is turning 2 years old today! He is adorable and cuddly and active and sweet and when he comes running with his arms upstretched and wants to be held, well.....the grandparents melt. And pick him up, of course! We are so blessed by this bundle of energy! 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ethan Grey!
We love you and are so thankful for you!
Grammy and Pops!