Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The rest of the story......

So, while we were at Lindsay and Troy's, getting ready for Troy's graduation, Drew texted to say that they were on their way to the hospital! He kept us updated throughout the evening and at 7:30 (about the time that Troy was giving his speech and on Aunt Lindsay's birthday,) Rynessa Chanelle entered the world! Of course we were dying to see her and help with the other kids so we left after the lovely graduation reception and headed north. We stopped to sleep for a few hours and then, drove on to the hospital on Tuesday morning, so we could meet our new granddaughter!

Here is the proud Daddy
and the smitten Grammy!
The girls
Langston hanging out with Pops

Pops finally gets a turn
I realize that grandparents always think their grandchildren are the most beautiful but this little girl IS beautiful!

Brenna and her rock star mommy
Felicia and her handsome daddy
Brenna and Felicia are going to be such big helpers

Langston loves her, too

Looks like Langston is reading to his new baby sister

Today, I went back to the hospital with Brenna, Felicia, Langston, Jeremy and Lucas. Ian was having school but he'll get his turn to hold his new niece soon!

Felicia is such a little mommy
The whole family
Welcome to the world, and the crazy Humphrey family, sweet Rynessa!
We love you and are so thankful you are here!!! 

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  1. I think when I was leaving the hospital one time on Monday, I think I saw them pulling in - at least I saw Drew driving. Crazy. :-)