Saturday, July 10, 2010


After our very fun 4th of July weekend in the Falls of Rough resort (aka Mom-mom and Dad-dad's), Ian and I headed for Memphis again. Lindsay and Troy are in the midst of a major bathroom re-do so we helped as much as possible and mostly got the best job of all - entertaining Olivia! Ian was a trooper while we were there and especially on the long ride home. Dad bought him a DVD player for the car so he was hooting and hollering at the amazing new truck videos, as well as the construction equipment that held us up!

Ian took the wallpaper peeling very seriously

After he peeled all the paper at his level, we moved him to the closet (which is as big as our spare bedroom) and he thorougly explored every inch of it.

Taking a break from the work so Olivia could try out her new raft. This child absolutely loves water of any variety - bath, pool, lake, boat, etc.

Watching Olivia in the pool

Uncle Ian and Olivia

Olivia was not happy that we were leaving (at least that's what we choose to believe) :-) And, she wasn't the only one - it's only by God's grace that we didn't end up in Mississippi since I couldn't see to drive. We're counting the days until the next trip!

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