Monday, June 6, 2011

Turn About

If you've read this blog much at all during this past school year, you know that Ian has had an awesome principal who has a thing for unique hats.  Ian knows that and always points to his head when Mr. Pinto is in sight.  So, for most of the school year, Mr. Pinto let Ian borrow his hats for a night and I never knew what would greet me when Ian got off the bus (cows, dragons, ice cream cones, etc.).  Well, we've been  searching for a hat that Mr. Pinto didn't already have and found a friend of ours wearing it on facebook, of all places!  I asked about it and before you know it, the very hat arrived at our door via the UPS truck (thank you Coulters!!!).  Ian was beside himself and we took it right over to Mr. Pinto, who was most excited to get a new hat! 

 Of course, Ian had to wear the hat before handing it over.
It's true that there is more than corn in Indiana, but there is a LOT of corn, so every hat-obsessed, Indiana  principal should have a cornhead hat!


  1. It's hard to tell who's having the most fun---Ian or Mr. Pinto---they both have very big smiles!!! Thinking about you all---hope things are going really good!!! Love you all. mm/dd

  2. I have seen Ian in many hats but this is the best!! What a special person and friend for our Jamaican !! He is so handsome!