Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ian is not concerned with premature wrinkles, but he did have 12 Botox injections this morning, which really wasn't too fun. Botulinum Toxin A, or Botox for short, is used in CP patients to interupt communication between the nerve and the muscle. The hope is that while this communication is interupted, we will have 6-12 weeks (however long the effect lasts) to work on strengthening the other muscles. If the injections are successful and we see some improvement, they will be repeated (ouch!) several times. He got 3 shots in each hamstring, 2 in each bicep and one in each hand. He was a real trooper but I know it hurt because he cried like I've never seen him cry. Even tonight when I put his PJ's on, he was reminding me of the shots (by pointing to each place he was stuck.) Now we wait for 7-10 days and then, we can begin the therapy in earnest.
He was not this happy while at the doctor but thought you'd rather see a happy boy than a sad one. I know I would!


  1. Poor guy! That sounds really painful, but hopefully it will be well worth it!

  2. I cannot believe how healthy he's looking :)

  3. I know they were HORRIBLE but he was such a cute little guy today-all smiles and teases!!
    Loved being with him.
    MIMI and PA