Monday, August 23, 2010


Well over a year ago (maybe 2), Tom and I were able to particpate in a silent auction for some friends of ours who were adopting 2 little boys from Ethiopia.  Another friend who is a pilot, donated an airplane ride and I jumped on that immediately!  We won the bid but have had a hard time getting together to fly.  Well, last night was the night and it was a beautiful evening for  flying.  We flew around Purdue, Lafayette, and up to Lake Freeman, which was beautiful as the sun was setting.  So, not only did I get an awesome plane ride but we also got to help 2 little ones get to their forever mommy and daddy! 

 Ready to go!

 Heading for takeoff

 Ian checks out the plane

Can you tell who was almost as excited as I was?


  1. Oh wow, Ian must have loved it!

  2. Yay! Makes me cry all over again! I am so glad that you FINALLY got to fly, and that Ian was there to watch :)