Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ronald and Ian

We don't usually go to McDonald's because there isn't much that Ian can eat.  However, last Saturday we met friends at a McDonald's that has a play area  and Ian was captivated at watching the kids crawl around the tubes and tunnels.  This lifesized Ronald McDonald fascinated him and he desperately wanted to sit on his lap.  It turns out that it was a perfect fit for him and was positioned in a way that allowed him to sit without additional support from us.


  1. Ian looks so happy getting to be a part of what everybody else was doing---he has great parents!!! Tell Ian that Ronald McDonald is one of my favorites----I like his red hair!!
    Give Ian a hug for us---love you all. mm

  2. Angela~
    I've just been reading and enjoying your blog entries over the last weeks! Awesome pictures! I'm so glad that you were able to take that great (but quick) trip to Tennessee!!!
    Thanks for sharing some great memories with us all!! What a beautiful family you have!