Friday, April 1, 2011

Ian's Big Surprise

Because we are blessed to live on 5 beautiful, wooded acres with an awesome creek and even a decent sized hill and because Ian absolutely loves being outside and because we love being outside, too, we have wanted some way to transport him around the property so he could enjoy it.  So, we've been looking and talking about how to do that for over a year and finally took the plunge.  Tom got a golf cart this week and borrowed a trailer to go pick it up.  Ian knew he was coming home with a surprise and he knew that the trailer left with Dad, but he didnt' know exactly what was coming.  He was excited beyond belief!! 

Of course, we had to take it for a spin, even though it was quite chilly!


  1. Okay, for some reason I couldn't hear the sound on the video, but that was PRECIOUS!!! Had to watch it several times. :) Love his excitement...sounds like a fun idea!

  2. Awww! I couldn't hear the sound either, but I agree still absolutely precious! Love it!