Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

Our nephew, Luke, and his fiance Laura, finally tied the knot this past weekend and we enjoyed every minute of our time with them, family and friends.  Luke and Laura are easy going, laid back kind of kids and they wanted a casual rehearsal dinner where they could invite all the in-town family and thus, we got to attend.  Ian absolutely adores Luke and Laura!  They have been around ever since he came home from Jamaica and they have loved on him, teased him and cared for him (I refuse to call it "babysitting" since Ian is far from a baby!)  So, it was a special weekend to celebrate the beginning of their new life together!

Brenna, entertaining Mom-mom and Dad-dad
Ian, excitedly waiting for the ball to drop from the roof (Drew was on the other side of the shelter, throwing it over)
Ian and Elizabeth
Drew, sitting on Ian's lap in the wheelchair - crazy kids!
Keep reading for posts on the entire weekend (mostly with pictures of the grandaughters.  :-)

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