Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brenna and Felicia

Since Drew and Elizabeth recently moved, I've been blessed to have their girls a tad bit more than normal.  Here are a few pictures of some of our fun times:
Jeremy had work gloves on so Brenna needed some gloves, too.  
Everyone needs gloves when working in the sand box.  This girls loves playing in the sand!
Happy Felicia
We really do have some girl toys around here but it seems like they always end up playing with the cars and trucks.  Jeremy is a great babysitter!
Not to be outdone by the big kids, Felicia wanted a turn on the big wheel.
On a different day, I took the girls to a certain blueberry farm to see and smell the gorgeous blooms.
From the looks of these bushes, there are going to be lots of yummy blueberries this summer!
Wondering what's on the other side of those bushes

So pretty!  Can't wait to pick and eat the berries that will replace these blooms.

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