Saturday, December 14, 2013


This is for Tom, who is in China and missing all this fun! 

 So thankful for generous neighbors who are willing to share their "toys" and time!!!
 Ian's reaction to the skid steer loader.  Wish you could hear the squeals coming out of him!
 Jeremy, Lucas and Brock taking a break from the snowball fight to eat some of the ammunition.
And, just some pretty pictures of the pretty snow:

The boys informed me this morning that they sure wish Dad was here because I'm not near as much fun!
This mom is wishing the same thing!!!


  1. I think I can hear Ian's squeals from China. Maybe Dad needs a skid steer loader!


  2. Certainly Tom, you need another toy so Ian can enjoy watching you!!! What fun in the snow!!!
    Mimi and Pa