Friday, September 10, 2010

Cole Carnival

Ian's school has a carnival every year and tonight was the night!  Although Ian couldn't participate in many of the activities, we thought he would enjoy seeing his friends and all the games they were playing.  We were right - he loved it!  And, we were so glad to see how "popular" he is.  :-)  Many kids and teachers and even a cafeteria lady called out to him and came to give him high fives. 

 Hot dog hat borrowed from Ian's crazy principal

 Crazy principal on the left and a friend on the right

 This sweet little girl is mentioned in Ian's notebook almost every day (we have a notebook that goes back and forth between home and school as a form of communication.)  Rileigh eats lunch with him many days, plays with him at recess, pushes him wherever they will let her, etc.  Her mom tells me that she talks about Ian all the time and you can see that Ian adores her! 

 Of all the fun activities, Ian was just dying to throw the bean bag in the corn hole game, so Dad helped him get it in.  He was so excited!

We ended the evening with a clown who made a dog for Ian out of a balloon. 
Fun evening!  We are so thankful that Ian is at Cole Elementary!


  1. This made my day! So glad that Ian has such great friends! Love the hotdog hat:)

  2. This post actually brought tears to my eyes!! I am SO GLAD that Ian found his forever parents and has become such a blessing and inspiration to me and everyone he is around!! i try to think about him when i'm having a stinky attitude.. :)