Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ian's World

Ian's "teacher of record" (who is the same wonderful teacher he's had as a home-bound teacher for almost a year) and I had the priviledge of doing some simulation activities with Ian's classmates this afternoon.  We took turns wrapping each child in a blanket and gave them an assignment (move to the door, to the desk, etc.)  They also tried to unwrap candy and use a computer with socks on their hands and with their fingers taped.  Then, we asked Mr. Hoffner (Ian's 4th grade teacher) to answer a question without using his voice.  All of this was to simulate what life is like for Ian.  The kids were very receptive and interested in everything about Ian.  We had plenty of time to process all of the activities and answer the student's questions, which were many.  I am sure that they came away with a greater appreciation for Ian's world.

 The principal at Cole is a wonderfully, crazy guy and Ian loves him!

 Ian was thrilled to see the kids squirming on the floor in their blankets!

 Fine motor skills activity

 Some of Ian's classmates

 More friends...

 and more.

This is a not-so-great picture of Ian with his para.  


  1. Way to go Ian!! You'll bring those kids around in no time!
    Love Mom Mom & Dad Dad

  2. Enjoyed your post! what a remarkable idea! I am sure the students have a better understanding of Ian's world. He sure has changed so much over the past year!