Saturday, October 16, 2010


Brenna Noelle
entered the world at 10:01 p.m. last night, Oct. 15, 2010
7 lb. 14 oz.
19.5 inches
Enjoy these first pics and I'll post more after Ian meets his new niece.  He's very excited and keeps pointing to his tummy.  (I think this is one time when I might be glad that he can't ask questions.  :-)

 Mommy and baby shortly after her entrance

 Proud parents and adorable Brenna

 Taking it all in - especially the crazy grandparents in her face

 Daddy Drew, who made it through the delivery very well!

 Grandma Marty, aka Nana

 Papa Grande gets a turn

Grammy and Brenna


  1. She's adorable! Congratulations! (And I think she's even smiling a bit when you're holding her, Angela!)

  2. I thought the same thing!!! A smile for Grammy! What a delight (I know there will many, many more)See you soon. Papa Grande, you look great as well!!! :)

  3. What a sweetie! Enjoy every moment you can!

  4. Grammy,

    She is precious!! I am so amazed by the generousity of these two women - Elizabeth AND Lindsay - letting the crazy woman ( that would be you ) bring that camera into the room. New baby, yes, but pictures of me??......... no way!! They are gems for sure! But then again, they both look great. Thanking the Lord for the rich blessings of two beautiful, healthy granddaughters. Praise God!