Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

I can't let this day go by without wishing the love of my life a very happy birthday!  I hate that it usually gets squeezed in between the Christmas craziness, but he never complains.  I have no idea why God chose to bless me with this wonderful man, but I couldn't love him more (although maybe that's not true because I seem to love him more every day!)  He has taught me so much over the last 30+ years.  His personal mission statement is simple:  "love God and love people."  He is the Godly leader of our home and loves me unconditionally - in spite of my faults and quirks.  He is an awesome father and grandfather.  I feel blessed beyond measure when I reflect on our years together and the ways that God has grown us as individuals and as a couple. 
Happy, happy birthday, Tom!!!!  I love you!!! 

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