Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Happenings

We had the privilege of hosting our church's high school youth group last Friday evening for the entree of their progressive dinner.  We were struck by 2 things:  how much they ate (after already devouring appetizers and soup and salad) and more importantly, the focus on and worship of the gospel through Scripture reading and singing.

A dear friend watched Ian on Saturday so we could do some shopping for him, so we braved the traffic which was frustrating to say the least, but we managed to get some surprises that we're pretty sure he'll like.  Saturday evening, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Drew, Elizabeth and Brenna to celebrate Tom's birthday.  On Sunday evening, we had our small group families over for a fun and delicious Christmas dinner.  Two of the ladies made and filled stockings for all the children, which was so very exciting!  Here are the girls with the aprons that they got.
More stocking opening....
And here is our Jamaican king with his new nerf gun and football which he is completely obsessed with.

I have this thing about frost - it fascinates me!  Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland of ice crystals everywhere!  It was breathtaking!

I always try to capture it with the camera but can't come close.  What a wonderful reminder of our amazing Creator and the beauty He gives us to enjoy!

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