Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Most Amazing Sandbox

We spend a lot of time outside and although Ian would rather be outside than anywhere, there isn't a lot for him to do.  He has a ball suspended from a tree that he can hit but gets bored and eventually starts hitting it as far up into the tree as possible so he can see Mom climb a ladder to get it down.  He will hit a ball off a tee all day long if someone is willing to continue putting it back on over and over and over....  He loves to try to dig in the dirt using a toy shovel but it's difficult for him to get the shovel to do what he wants.  So, I have been wanting an adaptive sandbox for Ian for over a year.  When Tom's dad, better known as Dad-dad heard us talking about it, he offered to help build it.  Well, not only did he build it himself (with help from Mom-mom and a small amount of help from Jeremy and Lucas), but came with trailer, tools, wood, etc.  The result of 3 very hot days of work is a raised, U-shaped sandbox that Ian can play in to his heart's content.  There is room in the middle for him to turn his chair to any side he chooses.
 Dad-dad hard at work
 The crew with the finished product
 The view from the front
 Digging in! (Yes, that is a sheet wrapped around Ian's wheelchair in somewhat of an attempt to keep some sand off  of and out of his chair, clothes, shoes, etc.)
 Dad-dad even built a step for Olivia and Brenna (and eventually, Felicia)!  Brenna got to try it out today and it works perfectly!

In between dentist, doctor and therapy appointments for various kids, I took advantage of having the boys occupied and cleaned out a neglected flower bed near the sandbox.  
Thank you, Mom-mom and Dad-dad for making the trip and taking the time and trouble to make 3 boys very happy!
We love and appreciate you!!!


  1. It looks like so much fun!! Could Ian play in a white trash bag with arm holes cut out to help with the sand issue? Love you bunches!

  2. That looks great! What an awesome gift for the whole family :)

  3. That is so awesome! What an amazing gift!

  4. What a neat thing for him to have. That is the perfect gift!!!

  5. How about having him wear a rain poncho with the hood cut off?

  6. Or you could buy a large hair cutting cape made out of fabric so that he wouldn't get hot or sweaty. Those either snap or velcro around the neck and you could put velcro under his arms to hold it shut. A few velcro tabs would make it attach to the wheelchair too!