Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good News and Bad

The good news is that Ian got his casts off this afternoon.  The bad news is that he's been having horrific spasms ever since.  Apparently, this is not uncommon because of his high tone and the muscles being stretched and in casts for 5 weeks.  However, he was in so much pain that the surgeon had us get x-rays to make sure he hadn't broken a bone.  They made his night casts and after 5 hours of being at the doctor's office, we headed  home.  He's had 2 doses of valium (sp?) and 3 hours of changing positions, but he's still crying softly from the pain and can't get to sleep.  I never dreamed that getting the casts OFF would be a problem!  We are praying that the spasms will subside quickly and he'll be back to his perky, happy self!


  1. Oh no!! I can't bear to think of our happy Ian feeling so badly and crying. Will pray for him to be better soon!
    Love, Mother

  2. What a sad thing to read. I am praying for that smiling Ian to be out of pain and his joyful self again!!!

    Janet B