Thursday, October 4, 2012

Personal Concert

Last spring, some good friends held an adoption auction to raise funds for their upcoming adoption and among other things, we purchased our very own Joel Brovont concert.  Since we like hanging out with the college kids at our church, we decided to have the concert outside and invite them, too.  Tyler Daugherty played with Joel and they came 90 minutes early to set up and warm up, so our boys got their own personal concert while waiting for the big kids to show up.  Needless to say, they LOVED it!!  

It was a beautiful evening with good friends, great music, an awesome bonfire (thanks to my pyromaniac husband), s'mores and hot chocolate.
Showing off his missing tooth and the new one that's coming in (which looks like it will take up his entire, tiny mouth.)  I think major orthodontia is in our future!  Pretty cute though!
Unfortunately, I waited until it was too dark to get good pictures of Joel, Tyler and the college kids.  However, you can check Joel out here:
Thanks so much Joel and Tyler!  


  1. Look how straight those legs are! Amazing!!

  2. Love the pictures of the boys!! Esp. the straight legs (casts) Toothless Lucas, and older brother taking in all the music!!! thanks