Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday, Wedding and General Family Fun!

Lindsay and the kids left yesterday after a crazy, busy and very fun week! Ethan slept for 5 hours when they left here, so I'm thinking we completely wore him out.
We started the visit with a cousins photo shoot, which was hilarious!  I wish I had set up the video camera while we were trying to get all 5 adorable grandchildren to look at the camera and smile. 
 The best "smile" we got out of Felicia....
 The adorable Langston Thomas
The Girls
We had a special treat and got to help Olivia celebrate her 4th birthday with a big celebration, complete with a bounce house.  Everyone had a blast - especially the kids!
 Birthday Girl, blowing out her candles
 The grandpas watching the festivities
 Somehow, Ian got a nerf gun and drove around shooting people!
 Langston, hanging out with Great Pa
 Lindsay, with the adorable Ethan
 Proof that Felicia does smile!
On Saturday, we headed to Winona Lake for our nephew's wedding.
 Pops and the grandsons
 Dancing with O and E
And just general cousin craziness....
Cousin pile-up
Aunt Lindsay with Langston
Playing the Wii (they are vicious sword fighters!)
Thank you, Lindsay, Olivia and Ethan for making the long trip to Indiana and thank you, Troy, for sharing them!  We missed you!

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