Monday, July 28, 2014

Another teenager!

Jeremy turns 13 today! He celebrated yesterday by attending the Brickyard with Dad and what a treat that was! He declared it the best birthday ever! (Even though his man didn't win the race and it was very loud.)  We will have a family celebration on Friday but today, he gets to pick his favorites for dinner and doesn't have to do school work! Hooray!!!!

 This is at his last band concert in May.
Jeremy and Langston
 Jeremy loves being an uncle and is a great one!
and with Ethan

Happy 13th Birthday, Jeremy!
We love you and are so thankful that God  brought you into our family!


  1. A big Happy Birthday from Mimi and Pa. See you Friday!!

  2. Happy 13th Birthday, Jeremy!!! We love you! Mom/mom and Dad/dad

  3. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Oh, Family Reunion Rule: teenagers take out the trash at Kentucky Dam Village! - Uncle Bo & Aunt Rachelle

  4. Jeremy, Pawsie would say you are now Flirt- teen! Enjoy!
    See you in August!
    Aunt Stacy