Thursday, October 13, 2011

Olivia Time

Grammy is reluctanly wrapping up a few days of an "Olivia fix."  Thanks to my wonderful husband and some amazing friends, I have been in Memphis since Monday evening and enjoying every minute with this beauty (and her parents.)
We had to go to the zoo, of course!  Memphis has an impressive zoo!
 Watching the penguins.....or the people - I'm not sure which
 Fascinated by the rooster in the barnyard
 Taking it all in
 Prettiest fall decoration there is!
We also went to the park.....
 She loves to swing!
 Walking the plank 

 Phoebe gets a hug
We also visited the most amazing botannical gardens with a children's play area that I can't even describe.  It is out of this world and we all had so much fun!!

 Getting ready for a voyage
 It even "rained" while the sky was blue and the sun was shining!
 Sweet face!

 Peeking out the window in one of the play houses
 Pretty profile
 Adorable flower amongst the beautiful flowers in one of the many gardens

 2 pretty ladies
 Grammy's favorite
 Hmmmmm.  How many pictures is this crazy lady going to snap?????
Oh wait.....perhaps this is my favorite!  :-)
I'm beyond thankful for a husband who took over all the home duties on top of his busy work/church schedule and for all the friends who helped watch the boys after school to give me the time to be a grammy!!!  What a joy to spend uninterrupted time with this sweet little blessing.  God is good!

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