Sunday, October 30, 2011


Just wanted to share the wonderful, amazing, awesome news that the cost of Ian's communication device is covered, thanks to some extremely generous donations.  Tom and I can't even talk about it without "losing it."  We are blessed and humbled beyond words and just completely overwhelmed. So....first thing Monday morning, I will be on the phone with the Prentke Romich company and the ECO 2 should be shipped within 3 days!!!!!  Praise be to God!!!!! 
Stay tuned for videos of Ian using the device (if he will cooperate!)
And to those of you who made this happen; you will never know what it means to us and especially to Ian!
We love you! 


  1. Rejoicing with you guys!!! What an incredible blessing to see God work this way! Another big boulder to add to the altar of praise!! God sure does hear our prayers and act on behalf of His own!! What a testimony!!

  2. Ummm…AWESOME

    God is good all the time!