Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Louisville Road Trip

Drew and Elizabeth were here for all the weekend festivities and Ian adores them both. He loves it when they come and thinks the guest room is theirs. Sunday afternoon as they were leaving, he "walked" (with help, of course) right to their car. Drew asked if he was going home with them and he practically ran the rest of the distance. We opened the door and put him in the driver's seat and he immediately reached for the seat belt and tried to get it on. Drew helped and he then reached for the keys in the ignition. He was ready to go!!! Thankfully, Mom-mom and Dad-dad were still here and not leaving until Monday or he would have had a major meltdown when he realized he wasn't really going with them. Ian is not a fan of "good-byes."

Ian is ready to drive Elizabeth home!

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