Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Until now, J and L have been in the same school since they began school, so today was a big change for them.  They started at Cole (where Ian attended last year) and although they've been there twice to see it and meet a few people, they were pretty nervous.  J was very quiet  and L kept asking me to just take him home, but my spies tell me they did great.  I have no doubt that they will love it, just like Ian did!  This community is so very blessed to have a small school like Cole, where the staff love on all the kids and the crazy, fun principal knows their names.  I wish I could post the traditional "first day of school" pictures of the boys but we have to wait a few more days.
Ian, on the other hand, was pumped and ready to go to school if it means he gets to ride the school bus!  He has also changed schools and is going to Wea Ridge Middle School.  Technically, he skipped 5th grade and moved right on to 6th grade!  :-)  We feel very blessed to have had his teacher work with him all summer so she is familiar with his communication device, how to motivate him, how to communicate with him, and she knows how ornery he can be! 
We are looking forward to a great school year for all 3 boys!

Waiting anxiously for the sound of the bus!
 There it is!!!
Going up.....See ya later, Mom and Dad!

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