Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Lucas

Lucas is 6, but only for a few more days!  He is one active little guy and I do mean little.  At (almost) 7 years old, he weighs a whopping 38 lbs and wears size 4T and 5 slim.  He has a gleam in his eye that gives his orneriness away but he's as cute as they come!  Pretty much his full time mission at home is to make Ian laugh and he does it quite well.  In fact, so well that they both get in trouble sometimes for craziness at mealtime instead of eating.  The 3 of them can be found with Lucas on Ian's lap and Jeremy pushing the wheelchair as they race through the house, playing the "Awesome Guys."  And, awesome is exactly what they are!
A few photos from the past months:

Welcome to the family, Lucas!  We love you!!!

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